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Confucianism Part 1

Essential Questions to Guide the China Unit

  • How did geography affect Chinese history?
  • What defines a civilization?  What are the essential characteristics?
  • Why do civilizations rise and fall?  (think about spiral).  Where are we?
  • What makes an ruler or civilization great? 
  • Why study ancient China?  What connections can we make to today?
  • What are sources of information on Ancient China?  What is the difference between a primary and secondary source?

Games, Quizzes, and Stories

Can you Beat the Dragon? 

China Puzzle Game

Quia flash cards

Story of Pan Gu

Geography Resources

How did China's climate and topography affect the development and spread of Chinese civilization?

How does the distribution of China's population relate to its topography and climate? - gives major geographical landforms

Mapmaker Interactive - National Geographic


China Maps

Earth Album

Chinese Dynasties


Chinese History for Beginners

China 10k

Chinese Inventions



Magnetic Compasss:

Wind Zithers

Innovations on the Farm

For any group:  Thinkquest

Chinese Philosophies


General Resources

Explore the Necropolis of Qin Shi Huang (Discovery Channel)

Ancient China (The British Museum)

China: Dawn of the Golden Age (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Images and Words from Beijing's Youth (Asia Society)

Ancient China for Kids

Discovery Channel

Children in China

CNN on China

Asia for Educators (Columbia University)

Information from Library of Congress

Nixon and China (PBS)

Takla Makan Mummies (Nova)

Ancient Chinese Explorers

Chinese Music (National Geographic)

Explore China - Videos

Chinese Bridges (NOVA)

One World Classroom Resources

Mystery of Easter Island

Information on China from US Department of State

Fact Monster

Timeline Index

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